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Phil Morris

Superb documentary, the best I have seen done in your country.
Some of the images of sickness and disease are hard to look
at but, like the others, done with the best skill possible.


I didn't experience buying those colored chicks when I was young, but the ducklings, or as we call them--itik, I have fond memories. I got to grow a bunch of them, and they loved the floods of 1986 in Taguig. The same with the ducks, all they sell are the males.


This post remind me of my elementary days... There's a colored chick vendor outside the gate of our school..


Bonne et heureuse année à toi ami lointain


Je te souhaite une très belle année 2011 , a plus avec de nouvelles photos


At first I thought the chicks weren't real, but then I took another look. Thats pretty crazy, but a unique shot.

Charles Bjørnsen Ravndal

Poor chicks indeed! Dropping by to say Happy New Year to you and to your family Sidney!

Event Lover

pitty little chicks ...


happy holiday sidney!


Bonsoir Sidney
Et bien où que tu sois je te souhaite un bon noël et de très belles fêtes de fin d'année, des bises !


it's nice blog..... i like it..
pleased to meet your blog...
please VISIT ME...OK...thank u very much


superbe ce reportage !


Unbelievable - at first I really considered if these are animals or soft toys; now I still can't believe it ... it is like a look into another world - it appears to be normal there. Thanks for sharing!

Mrs. Kolca

congratulations on your winning! i saw your blog from phil blog awards! :)


A quite beautiful realization, good day with you.


Bonjour Sidney
Tu reviens bientôt ?

Chris  B

Beautiful photo,s

Charles Dastodd

oh those poor chicks! great photojournalism

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That's Animal Abused.


perfect project,many fantastic shots


i pity those chicks! :-(


Nice one...I see, I think you like the chicks very much:p I've seen your other photos a few weeks before!


Awful. This is like painting on the shells of baby turtles. Killed a lot if not most of them from the lead in the paint. Poor babies.


Bonjour Sidney,
Serais-tu parti pour de nouvelles destinations ?
A bientôt ;-)

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